Finally made it to Johns Hopkins!

Let me just tell ya. Trying to get from Hawaii to Maryland was a feat. My flights were being canceled and rearranged before I even left. I decided to go ahead and fly into LAX knowing I’d have a 4 hour layover. To my surprise when our flight landed the next leg of the flight was still on. LAX to BWI. Well, right on good news. I get some coffee, get my book out waiting to pass the time. I look up and a herd of people are freaking out. I finally found out they had canceled most all flights into the east coast. I was offered a flight into Newark, NJ but we didn’t know what would happen after that. The lady at the counter said “I can get you on, but after that you’re on your own.” I just took a leap of faith and said OK put me on the flight. The landing was a big- terrifying. All the snow and ice on the ground, sliding and skipping around. Well we landed safe. Now I had to figure out how to get into Baltimore. Wow- wow would be the only word to describe Newark airport. All flights were canceled, there was barely room to stand, sit anything. I took it upon my self to ask around to some of the travelers (because the employees were less than friendly) so they got me in the right direction of the train. Everyone kept saying the train was closed but when I tried to buy tickets through my phone it worked. Hmm this must be a glitch.. To my surprise I was able to get on the train into Baltimore. 2 hours. So now I had been traveling for around 18 hours. From BWI it was so so snowy and this Hawaiian girl isn’t used to that. I took a cab to my hotel (that was pretty scary). I have met so many people alone the way, everyone at the airport, on the train and here at my hotel. I love knowing people from all over can get together, talk, drink and have a wonderful time.

So let me get to the Johns Hopkins part. I went on Friday. I was shuttled from my hotel to the area I needed to go. I was there from 11-6 but I got to meet almost all of the doctors-surgeons on their team. They felt for 100% sure that these tumors are not schwannomas. They are all plexiform all internal. The fact I don’t have the first lump on my skin it throws people off. Anyway, their doctors are wonderful. Smart, sweet, funny and they really care. They are very conservative with surgery, which I love. I have 3 more appts: 1 full body scan, an appointment with the neurosurgeon, and plastic surgeon. So far things are going really great. And Baltimore is such a cute city.


2 thoughts on “Finally made it to Johns Hopkins!

  1. That is awesome! My son doesn’t show lumps either. It is always a fiasco with the doctors. They can’t believe it. Ok….glad it is going good so far. I am praying and thinking about you. Good luck.

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